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Tour 17


The Pearl on the Adriatic


The Croatian Adriatic coast thrills with turquoise waters and white pebble beaches. Wild national parks, medieval harbor towns and more than 1000 islands are here in the Mediterranean. In addition to the sun and the beach, there are plenty of cultural treasures and historic architecture here.

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Tour profile:  12 Days

Tour 17



Day 1:

Overnight stay in the near of Passau

Meeting point in the Bad Hersfeld area for a joint start (individual meeting points on the route can be arranged).


Day 2: Zagbreb

Overnight stay in Zagreb

...on to Zagreb.

Get to know, walk through the city, have dinner together.

Many sights can be reached on short distances on foot or by tram.


Day 3: Opatija

Day's stage: 200 km - overnight stay in Opatija

We start after a leisurely breakfast and drive a bit through the city, past the imposing Arena Zagreb. Because of its beauty, it became the recognizable architectural symbol of the city. On the way is Harley Davidson® in Zagreb. It goes through several small towns, before we come to Karlovac, the four-river city. The city center was built in the form of a hexagonal star to protect itself from the Turkish invaders. We continue through a beautiful winding landscape towards the coast. At one or the other vantage point we stop. Our destination is Opatija - also known as "Nice of Croatia". Opatija is a historic town near the Croatian town of Rijeka, which boasts many attractions. A walk through the city takes us past many monuments that tell Opatija's brilliant story. The Villa Angiolina, St. Jacob's Church, the open-air stage, the fountain Helios and Selene, and the Croatian Walk of Fame are just a few of the sights that must have been seen in Opatija.


Day 4: Zadar

Day's stage: 250 km - overnight stay in Zadar

This morning we will drive through Rijeka and then on the coastal road to the south. Today we will stop at many ports along the route, to enjoy the beauty. After about 40 km we reach the town of Crikvenica. Here begins the main tourist region on the Croatian Adriatic coast. The city has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches far and wide. After another 40 km we arrive at the fishing village Jablanac. From here, several ferries to the island of Rab. In the village is the lowest mountain hut in Europe, which is located 20 meters above sea level. The Adriatic coast road with its countless curves then continues to Karlobag at the foot of the Velebit mountain. From here ferries to the islands of Pag and Rab. At the next town Starigrad Paklenica you can visit the National Park Paklenica, where there is a variety of flora and fauna.

The historic city of Zadar is the gateway to the Dalmatian region. The absolute highlight is the old town complex, which is located on a peninsula, separated from the new town. Other hotspots are the new landmark: the sea organ near the waterfront promenade spreads unmistakable sound images that can be heard up to three kilometers away in good wind and the adjacent project "Greeting to the Sun". It consists of three hundred multi-layered circular glass plates that store solar energy and release it in atmospheric sunset plays.


Day 5: Zadar

Day's stage: 300 km - overnight stay in Zadar

The day is at leisure.

Our planning consists of a trip to the National Park of Plitvice Lakes. The 16 Plitwice Lakes lie like a string of pearls over a length of 9 kilometers and are connected by several waterfalls. This karst area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site many years ago. Here many western films were shot.


Day 6: Sibenik

Day's stage: 130 km - overnight stay in Sibenik

It goes by ferry to the island of Ugljan. This island in the Zadar archipelago, together with the city of Zadar, is one of the most beautiful parts of the Croatian Mediterranean. It is covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation and the connection with the sea beautifies numerous bays of various sizes and shapes. Via the Zdrelac Bridge we drive to the small picturesque island of Pasman. The landscape on the elongated island is characterized by vineyards, olive groves and fragrant gardens. From there by ferry back to the mainland in the "white city" Biograd na Moru, a well-known and popular holiday destination. Before we head for our destination Sibenik with the Venizian buildings and the narrow, picturesque streets, we make a detour to the Krka National Park. The waterfalls of the Krka are among the most beautiful and unusual natural phenomena in Croatia.


Day 7: Split

Day's: 100 km - overnight stay in Split

We drive directly along the coast over the small town of Primosten to Trogir. Trogir is a town located on the coast of Kastela Bay, between the island of Ciovo and the mainland. It is rich in cultural and historical monuments, architecture and beautiful streets, which is why it is also called "Little Venice" and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From there it is not far to our destination Split, the second largest city in Croatia. In the heart of Dalmatia, surrounded by the mountains Mosor, Kozjak and the mountain range Perun, a true open-air museum awaits us in the, on a peninsula lying 1700 years old city.


Day 8: Split

overnight stay in Split

The day is at leisure.

Split offers cultural, historical and religious sights in abundance for visitors interested in culture.

Optional day trip: Island hopping by speed boat (to the blue grotto on Biševo, to the green cave on Ravnik and to the blue lagoon on the island Budikova)


Day 9: Krk

Day's stage: 370 km - overnight stay in Krk

On the way to the island of Krk we drive a bit through the interior, through deep green valleys and through winding mountain ranges. On the way there are some viewpoints that we use for photo stops.

Our destination is the island of Krk, which is named Golden Island because of its mild climate, vegetation and convenient location in Kvarner Bay. It is the largest Adriatic island.


Day 10: Zagreb

Day's stage: 270 km - overnight stay in Zagreb

After a small island tour on Krk we make our way back to Zagreb.


Day 11:

Overnight stay in the near of Passau

Common trip home.


Day 12:

Individual journey home of all participants.


- We reserve the right for modifications –


  • Welcome Drink
  • Secured Payment Certificate - complete insurance cover A travel insurance certificate states that a tour operator has secured the travel allowances entrusted to it with an insurance company or a credit institution.
  • Personal advice on all tour questions - before, during and after the tour
  • All overnight stays in good to very good hotels
  • Breakfast
  • tour guide from / to Frankfurt during the motorcycle tour by a trained Road Captain
  • German company
  • Travel Guide Croatia + Hardcover Book Tour / Sightseeing (specially created for each tour)


2020: 06.02.2020 – 06.11.2020
2021: 05.30.2021 – 06.08.2021
2022: 06.01.2022 – 06.10.2022


2020: Double room: 2,895.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 1,195.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 2,895.00 EUR p. p.
2021: Double room: 2,945.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 1,245.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 2,945.00 EUR p. p.
2022: Double room: 2,995.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 1,295.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 2,995.00 EUR p. p.


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Croatia - The Pearl on the Adriatic

Route Overview

12 days – 1700 km




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Croatia - The Pearl on the Adriatic

Route Overview

12 days – 1700 km


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