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Tour 16

Baja California - Coast, desert and cactuses


The second largest peninsula in the world


A seemingly untamable wilderness with a touch of wild west, lost fishing villages, rocky shores, secluded sandy beaches - Baja California is one of a kind. We expect a mild climate, tacos, tequila and the fantastic flora and fauna. Viva Mexico!

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Tour Profile: 16 DAYS – 3900 km


Tour Description


Day 1: Los Angeles

overnight stay in Los Angeles

Flight with well-known scheduled airline service from Frankfurt am Main or Hamburg (optional) to Las Vegas (connecting flight possible). Meeting in the terminal with your qualified road captain who accompanies you during the whole trip.

Arrival in Los Angeles - Pick-up by Eaglerider® at the hotel - Bike pick-up - Excursion to Santa Monica Pier for dinner.


Day 2: Ensenada

Day´s stage: 400km - overnight stay in Ensenada

After breakfast we make our way south via the legendary Highway 1. It is always along the coast and eyes open! An unforgettable experience on the Baja California is the observation of gray whales. After a journey of 8,000 km, from the arctic waters of the Bering Sea to the Pacific coast of Mexico, the gigantic whales hunt in the lagoons of Baja California from October to March. It goes over Huntington Beach and Carlsbad, where we make a stop at Bigg's Harley Davidson®. Continue on a beautiful motorcycle route towards Tecate, where we cross the border to Mexico. Our destination today is Ensenada, surrounded by the impressive wine regions of Mexico.


Day 3: Catavina

Day´s stage: 418km - overnight stay in Catavina

We continue on Highway 1 and make a side trip to La Bufadora right at the beginning. The attraction is there a tidewater fountain, which shoots up to 30m in height. The vineyards are replaced on the further drive of miles of desert, the Vizcaino Desert, one of the most fascinating landscapes on earth.

Gigantic cacti and bizarre Cirio trees appear next to the road. We see rugged rock formations in the rugged desert landscape. Catavina is a small place in the desert. He has the only gas station within 100 miles.


Day 4: San Ignacio

Day´s stage: 379km - overnight stay in San Ignacio

Today we cross the border between Baja Norte and Baja Sur. Relatively quickly, the difference between the landscapes will make itself felt and we drive over one or the other 1000 meters high summit and past extinct cone volcanoes. In front of us is a breathtaking volcanic landscape, mountains strewn with cactus and the charming little town of San Ignacio, a true desert oasis at the foot of a creek with date palms.

Here we will stay overnight today. In 1728, the Jesuit Juan Bautista Loyando set up a mission at this point and named it after the founder of his order, St. Ignatius of Loyola. For many, the built of the local lava stone church is one of the most beautiful buildings of the peninsula.


Day 5: Loreto

Day´s stage: 284km - overnight stay in Loreto

In front of us today is the massive volcano "Las Tres Virgenes", which reveals why recognizable traces of lava rock can be seen around us. We'll go down the Devil's Degree, seven miles of hairpin bends, before we arrive at the wonderful, warm waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

We meander along the banks of the Bahia, admiring deep blue waters, volcanic islands, deserted beaches, and in the afternoon we arrive at Loreto, the oldest Spanish colony along the west coast. Loreto offers a picturesque town center, many shopping opportunities and a selection of excellent restaurants.


Day 6: La Paz

Day´s stage: 345km - overnight stay in La Paz

We drive on, always on Highway 1 along the Sierra de la Giganta mountains with its reddish-brown rock and climb up to summit height. From there we see the hat-shaped mountain peaks. Then it goes down to the Santo Domingo Valley. We drive over the peninsula to a large lagoon. On the horizon we already see the white houses of La Paz, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.


Day 7: Cabo San Lucas

Day´s stage: 215km - overnight stay in Cabo San Lucas

Starting from La Paz, we will stay on Highway 1 again on the way via San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas - Land's End, the southernmost tip of the Baja. The magnificent landmark of the city is the 62 m high El Arco, an imposing rock formation that resembles the image of a water-drinking triceratops (three-horned face) with a lot of imagination. The Baja is dramatically beautiful here - a bit of paradise on earth, mixed with a dose of outdoor activity and the right amount of celebrities - all this is Cabo San Lucas. Due to its extremely attractive location, to be surrounded by the sea on several sides (west and south of the Pacific, east of the Lake Cortes), the place was increasingly discovered as a coveted holiday home of the super rich from the United States.

At no other of Mexico's leading seaside resorts can you find so many beautiful beaches near the city center. Add to this the city's extraordinarily favorable position at the confluence of the Pacific with the Cortes Sea, which gives the city sea and air currents from both sides of the peninsula. This combination produces pleasant temperatures, both in the water and on land. Because in this way the city is not dominated by the cool Pacific or the warm Lake Cortes at any time of the year.


Day 8: Cabo San Lucas

Day´s stage: 345km - overnight stay in Cabo San Lucas

Today is at leisure.

Optional bookable: glass bottom - boat tour, swimming with the dolphins, Los Cabos day tour.





Day 9: Loreto

Day´s stage: 508km - overnight stay in Loreto

Today we start early - we have 500 km to deal with! With enough breaks this will not be a problem for us either. We drive north along the beautiful coastline of the Sea of ​​Cortez. We take a break in the village of Todos Santos, where we visit the famous "Hotel California", which the Eagles sang in their song.

We will spend the night in Loreto again, this time in the middle of the beautiful place. Loreto was founded in 1697 by the Jesuits as a mission, it is considered the most beautiful destination, which leads us into a Mexico of colonialism and legends. The missionary church with attached missionary museum as well as the historical center are preserved and were restored. Since the entire city has not significantly increased, you can get a true Loreto visit of the Spanish colonial era. Around Loreto are cactus deserts, sandy beaches and rich fishing grounds as main tourist attractions.


Day 10: Guerro Negro

Day´s stage: 416km - overnight stay in Guerro Negro

We stay on Highway 1 along the coast and drive over Mulege, located in an oasis in the middle of Baja California. Attractions include the Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege, founded in 1705. Our goal today is Guerro Negro.

It is located at about nine meters above sea level in the northern foothills of the Vizcaíno Desert and borders the reserve Reserva de la Biósfera El Vizcaíno the Pacific Bay of Sebastián Vizcaíno, since 1993 UNESCO World Heritage. More than 200 different species of birds live in the marshes. The salt mine here is the largest in the world, producing 7 million tons of salt per year. The saline is just 8 km from us. The city is located directly on the lagoon Ojo de Liebre, a partially surrounded by snow-white sand dunes bay.


Day 11: San Quintin

Day´s stage: 442km - overnight stay in San Quintin

Our journey continues through one of the most deserted sections of the entire peninsula, the Vizcaino Desert. To the left is the Sierra Colombia and to the right the Sierra Assamblea. It goes past dried-up lakes, at El Rosario we come back to the coast. It's not far to San Quintin.

The city is known for growing strawberries and tomatoes. San Quintin is the shell capital of Baja, where clams and oysters are fresh and sold at a ridiculous price. For us it is a stopover. I got a newly built hotel in the middle of town.


Day 12: San Diego

Day´s stage: 326km - overnight stay in San Diego

Today we leave the peninsula Baja-Mexico and drive along the coast via Tijuana and hopefully not too long border control back to the US. Our destination is San Diego. The eighth largest city in the country is often referred to as "America's Most Beautiful City" for a good reason. Renowned for its great hotels and accommodations, beautiful weather, pristine beaches, friendly people and a wealth of entertainment, San Diego is a favorite destination for many visitors from around the world.

On arrival, we head to Harley Davidson Harbor. Our hotel is fantastically located in the Little Italy area, the perfect small town with pubs, street markets and small shops - not far from the harbor, downtown, waterfront and the nearest trolley station.


Day 13: Los Angeles

Day´s stage: ca. 200km - overnight stay in Los Angeles

Today we drive along the coast along Highway 1 back to Los Angeles. On the way, we drive past California Harley Davidson. Also planned are a detour to Long Beach to the hotel ship "Queen Mary" and the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Then the bike-delivery and the shuttle to the hotel. I have a nice Boutigue Hotel in Hollywood on the famous Sunset Blvd. from which you have a short walk to the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A hop on hop off stop is just opposite the hotel.

For the evening (6:30 pm) I planned a sightseeing tour through Beverly Hills with our friend Shellee - Ann Kellee. She emigrated to LA a few years ago, hoping for a Hollywood career. She drives us with her red bus to the houses of the stars and where else would we like to go (Hollywood sign).


Day 14: Los Angeles

overnight in Los Angeles

The day today is at leisure!

You have the opportunity to shop or visit one of the many highlights in LA. Here is a Hopp On Hopp Off - Tour





Day 15: Return flight

A shuttle takes us to the airport and we must say goodbye (connecting flight possible).


- We reserve the right for modifications –


  • Welcome Drink
  • Secured Payment Certificate - complete insurance cover A travel insurance certificate states that a tour operator has secured the travel allowances entrusted to it with an insurance company or a credit institution.
  • Personal advice on all tour questions - before, during and after the tour
  • Scheduled flight Economy Class from / to Frankfurt to ... (transfer connection possible), taxes, security fees, airport transfers
  • All overnight stays in good to very good hotels
  • Partial breakfast
  • Welcome and closing dinner
  • Motorcycle rental including unlimited miles with all taxes and utilities
  • VIP-Zero Plus Comprehensive Insurance (complete protection in the event of damage, the renter pays $ 0 in case of damage)
  • Road Assistance (24 hours on 7 days)
  • DOT approved helmet for driver and front passenger
  • tour guide from / to Frankfurt during the motorcycle tour by a trained Road Captain
  • Escort vehicle for the luggage with second guide
  • Snacks and cool drinks while driving at cost
  • German company
  • Travel Guide + Hardcover Book Tour / Sightseeing (specially created for each tour)
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, transfer to Harley rental and back


2019: 03.17.2019 – 03.31.2019 10.20.2019 – 11.03.2020
2020: 01.12.2020. – 01.26.2020 (Whale season) 10.18.2020 – 11.01.2020
2021: 03.17.2021 – 03.31.2021 10.20.2021 – 11.03.2021


2019: Rider per double room:
Fellow traveler per double room:
Rider per single room:
5850.00 Euro
3750.00 Euro
6595.00 Euro
2020: Rider per double room:
Fellow traveler per double room:
Rider per single room:
6050.00 Euro
3950.00 Euro
6795.00 Euro
2021: Rider per double room:
Fellow traveler per double room:
Rider per single room:
6050.00 Euro
3950.00 Euro
6795.00 Euro


Ready, steady, go!

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1/2 double room can be booked on request, if another 1/2 double room is available. Please ask us!


Tour 16: Baja California - Coast, desert and cactuses 


16 Days – 3900 km




Experience a unique adventure with Tours of Legends









Tour 16: Baja California - Coast, desert and cactuses 


16 Days – 3900 km


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