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Tour 15

Let's go to the North Cape!

Europe's northernmost point


You can expect fantastic fjords, wild mountain rivers, breathtaking landscapes, more natural wonders than you can count, charming fishing huts and the national drink Aquavit!

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Tour profile: 15 DAYS – 2877 km

Übersichtskarte – Tour 15 – Auf geht's zum Nordkap! Europas nördlichster Punkt



DAY 1: Bodø

overnight stay in Bodø


Flight with famous airline from Frankfurt am Main or Hamburg (optional) to Bodø (transfer connection possible). Meeting point with your road captain in the terminal.

Receipt of our bikes - check in at the hotel

About 30 km east of Bodø is a very special natural attraction to find - the Saltstraumen. It is the world's strongest tidal current and one of the most spectacular fishing spots in Northern Norway. Thunderingly about 400 million m³ of water make their way through a 3 km long and only 150 m wide strait and reach a speed of up to 20 knots. This phenomenon can be admired every 6 hours. Planned is a trip there (time depends on when the tidal current is strongest). Bodø is the capital of the province of Nordland and also the second largest city in Norway. The charm of the city lies above all in the picturesque backdrop of distant, rugged mountain peaks and the endless expanse of the sky above. Bodø has the world's densest population of White-tailed White-tailed Eagles and is therefore also known as the capital of white-tailed eagles.


DAY 2: Svolvaer

Day's stage: 130 km + ferry - overnight stay in Svolvaer

This morning we take the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes. The three-hour transfer takes us via Vestfjorden to the Lofoten Islands, which look like a wall of mountains. Lofoten means mountain peaks, open sea and sheltered shores. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is milder here than anywhere else in the world on these latitudes. It is only 129 km to our destination Svolvaer. On the way there we will drive through the Ramsviktunnel and the 1780 m long underwater Nappstraumen Tunnel.

The tunnel is the only submarine road tunnel in Lofoten. Above us is then a 20 meter water blanket. 55 meters leads us the tube with an 8% gradient in the depth. Along the E10 there are some View Points, where of course stops are planned. Not far from our hotel is the ice gallery Magic Ice with a bar. It offers visitors ice skating, coastal culture and all sorts of refreshments. The artistically illuminated sculptures - made entirely of ice - are representations of the landscape, traditions and everyday life of fishermen in the island world accompanied by music and pictures.


DAY 3: Svolvaer

Overnight stay in 8300 Svolvaer

Today is free!

My planning consists of:

Sea Eagle Safari to Trollfjord (optional booking) - The Trollfjord (Devil's Channel) is one of Norway's most spectacular fjords and one of the smallest. It is only 100 m wide at its entrance. About 1000 m high, the mountains rise to the left and right of the ship directly from the water almost vertically up, waterfalls fall over the rocks and on top of the mountains is still in August snow.


Excursion to Henningsvaer - Henningsvaer is the most famous fishing village of Lofoten, also known as the "Venice of the North", the winter center for the largest cod fishery in the world. Henningsvaer's main street is the famous harbor. All around in the fishing village are the distinctive dry scaffolding for the Stockfisch - also called Kathrdralen Lofoten.


DAY 4: Narvik

Day's stage: 241 km - overnight stay in Narvik

Today we start our journey on the Kaiserroute, which is dedicated to the German Emperor and Lofoten lover Wilhelm II. Our first detour is to the small picturesque church of Sildpollnes on a promontory in the Austnesfjord. It is one of the most photographed sights in Lofoten. We then drive over the Raftsund Bridge. The Raftsund is the waterway between Lofoten and Vesteralen, also called the inner filet of Norway. The nature along Raftsundes is an experience. Another bridge on the way is the Austerstraum Bridge. We drive through a beautiful landscape and along many fjords to Narvik. Narvik at Ofotfjord has a significant ore port. Here ore from the nearby Swedish ore mines is shipped around Kiruna. The special feature of the harbor is the nearly year-round freedom from ice caused by the Gulf Stream.

In Narvik is the northernmost zoo in the world. At the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center we can see wolves and other arctic animals up close. The Narvik War Museum also offers interesting information about the dramatic war history of Northern Norway.




DAY 5: Tromsø

Day's stage: 250 km - overnight stay in Tromsø

Today we walk along the river Malselva on Lake Takvatnet through beautiful landscapes and along fjords to Tromsø. The Norwegian city is known as the "Gateway to the Arctic" and swells with sights and offers the best viewpoints for the magic of the Northern Lights. The landmark with the greatest recognition value is the Arctic Cathedral. It was built in 1965 and impresses with its large stained glass window. It is about 2 km from our hotel. The Arctic Adventure Center Polaria is just 600 meters from us. It houses an Arctic animal aquarium, interesting exhibits, a panoramic cinema and a gift and souvenir shop. The world's northernmost brewery Mack also invites you to visit. In a dim and rustic cellar next to the brewery you will find the first and longest one-time pub in the city. The prices for a large Pils are between 8 to 12 euro!


DAY 6: Tromsø

Overnight stay in Tromsø

Today is free!

Our planning consists of:

Trip to the Lyngen peninsula. With its up to 1833 m high cliffs, blue glaciers, foaming rivers and canyons, it is one of Norway's most breathtaking landscapes. In the small village Skibotn directly at the Lyngenfjord there are two cafes. From there we return to Harley Tromsø Motor AS.

Day trip approx. 200 km

Various Polarfjord rides by boat are optional with us.


DAY 7: Hammerfest

Day's stage: 442 km - overnight stay in Hammerfest

Today we start early! We have about 450 km to Hammerfest with two ferry crossings.

Today we almost always go along the water. Shortly before Storslett we drive through Sørkjosen. The region around this place is completely protected. It is one of the smallest, but also one of the loveliest places in Norway. The community is known for its arts and crafts. Once a year in July, there is the purest state of emergency at the Arts and Crafts Festival, where artists from all over Scandinavia meet. Continue through Alta and a few smaller villages on the northernmost suspension bridge in the world (Kvalsund Bridge) to Hammerfest.

Hammerfest was sometimes considered the northernmost city in the world, at least until Honningsvåg with its approximately 2000 inhabitants in 1998 received the status of a city. For the title "northernmost city in the world" is thus PR-moderated fight. In Norway alone, there are other cities and settlements that are located further north, in addition to Honningsvåg and Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen. But Hammerfest can not be deterred by that. The northernmost city in the world sounds way too good. The city coat of arms is a white polar bear on a red background. But there are no polar bears here! Here was only the starting point for Eisbärjagen on Spitsbergen.

Our hotel is located on the coast of the Norwegian Sea, just a 5-minute walk from the museum and the Church of Hammerfest.


DAY 8: Honningsvag

Day's stage: 240km - overnight stay in Honningsvag

This morning we drive again on the Kvalsundbrücke north on the European Route 6 to the quiet and picturesque Porsangerfjord in the province of Finnmark. It is the longest fjord in Northern Norway. We continue along the fjord through several tunnels until we reach the spectacular 7 km long Nordkaptunnel. It connects the island of Magerøya, on which the North Cape is located, with the mainland. It is the third longest underwater tunnel in Europe, leading us 3.5 km down 9% and the lowest point 3.5 km up 10%. Until 2012, the passage was not free of charge. Often one meets herds with reindeer on the further distance. Now it is not far to the North Cape.

For centuries, a North Cape trip was a great adventure that brought explorers, nobles, and tourists north. The majestic landmark rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean and marks the end of mainland Europe. A goal that you want to visit once in your life and to which you often return.

There are two variants of the entrance fees here. The more expensive includes parking, North Cape panoramic film, historical exhibitions and visit to the grotto, souvenir shop, restaurant, coffee bar and access to all facilities at a price of about 30 euros per person. The cheaper option for about 18 euros per person includes almost nothing.

After a longer stay we drive back to Honningsvag, the capital of the municipality Nordkap. Honningsvag is a pretty little town with colorful houses and 2800 inhabitants. Again, there is an ice bar. Highly recommended is a visit to the church. It is the only building that survived the site at the end of the Second World War.


DAY 9: Karasjok

Day's stage: 240 km - overnight stay in Karasjok

We drive again along the Porsangerfjord. About 35 km before Lakselv the small peninsula Trollholmsund towers in the Porsanger Fjord. From the car park a path leads over some hills to the fossilized "trolls" at Trollholmsundet. After about 2 km you reach the impressive, curious rock formations of limestone. They are petrified trolls, according to an ancient Sami legend. According to legend, a group of trolls roamed the Finnmarksvidda at night. They wanted to bury their treasure chest. When this did not work, they moved on and wanted to cross the fjord. But the rising sun set them to stone.

On the way we come through the nature reserve Stabbursnes. It covers parts of one of Norway's largest contiguous shallow waters. Particularly characteristic are the extensive salt marshes with their typical plant species. Among them are many Arctic plant species.

Our destination Karasjok in Lapland is next Kautokeino the second city in the predominantly seed (Aboriginal) live. Many of the seeds with their photogenic star-shaped caps sell their goods on the way to the North Cape. Karasjok is the most important Sami cultural center and the school also teaches reindeer herding.

Our hotel has a restaurant, which is built of wood and peat and offers Lappish cuisine.


DAY 10: Inari

Day's stage: 150 km - overnight stay in Inari

Shortly after Karasjok we pass today the Norwegian-Finnish border.

We only have a short drive of 117 km to Inari, a municipality in the Finnish part of Lapland. It is located on the beautiful Finnish Lake Inarijarvi. It is the clearest and brightest of the great Finnish lakes. There are 3318 islands in the lake. If you want, you can take a boat trip there.

Before we drive to the hotel we make a detour to a reindeer farm in Solojärvi.


DAY 11: Rovaniemi

Day's stage: 327 km - overnight stay in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

It goes along Lake Inarijarvi to the rest area Karhunpesäkivi. A natural wonder there is the cave in a huge boulder, which is located in a jungle with many other boulders. He is easily accessible on a boardwalk from the cafe there. More big lakes are right on our way through the Urho Kekkonen National Park. In the pine forests there are many reindeer.

We come through the village Tankavaara. Every summer the exciting international championships in gold washing take place there. We take a break at Tankavaara Gold Museum / Village. With a small fee, we can participate in the gold washing! The largest nugget found by a visitor weighed over 39 grams and was called "moped" because the boy who found it could afford a moped of it.

Our destination Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. It is an urban oasis amid Arctic wilderness, where culture, wilderness activities and fairytale magic meet. We are here in the official hometown of Santa Claus and the famous inhabitants of the city can visit every day of the year in the village of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle. It is an attraction that attracts over 300,000 visitors from around the world each year. We can meet him at our hotel between 9am and 6pm.

We sleep in the Santa Claus Village, where there is a Christmassy mood all year long. Here we also see a line on the ground that shows us where the polar circle runs exactly. In the main post office we can write our very special Christmas post and get a special stamp and the famous postmark directly from Santas Post Office. You can decide whether the mail should be sent directly or just in time for Christmas.

A few steps away from the Christmas village is a husky farm. Here you can get acquainted with the majestic dogs for little money.


DAY 12: Skelleftea

Day's stage: 380 km - overnight stay in Skelleftea

Our first destination today through endless birch and coniferous forests is Tornio just off the border with Sweden. We drive along the Bottenwiek, a part of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland and cross the border into Sweden. At Gammelstad, the old center of Lulea is a church village, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is the largest, best-preserved church village in the country with over 400 church huts, homes and warehouses. We will take the time to walk the village once. Here is also the largest late medieval stone church from 1492.Skelleftea is a cozy town in northern Sweden, right on the edge of the magical region known as Swedish Lapland.


DAY 13: Arvidsjaur

Day's stage: 150 km - overnight stay in Arvidsjaur

Today in the late morning we will go to our intermediate station Arvidsjaur on the way back to Bodø.

Arvidsjaur is the well-known stronghold of the car testing industry in the north of Sweden.

In the middle of the city center are the Lappstaden, a church village with 80 well-preserved wooden houses from the 17th century.


DAY 14: Bodø

Day's stage: 360 km - overnight stay in Bodø

Today we continue on the Silberweg back to Bodø along beautiful lakes through the reindeer breeding grounds of the Sami. Between the town of Arjeblog and the mountains, across which we drive to the Norwegian border, we cross the Arctic Circle. We are close to the Saltfjellet Svartisen National Park, one of the most varied national parks in Norway. High mountains, glaciers and fruity valleys can be seen here.


DAY 15: Flight home

Today it is time to say goodbye.

Approximately 5 days later collection of the bikes in Bad Hersfeld (to be announced).


- We reserve the right for modifications –


  • Secured Payment Certificate - complete insurance cover A travel insurance certificate states that a tour operator has secured the travel allowances entrusted to it with an insurance company or a credit institution.
  • Personal advice on all tour questions - before, during and after the tour
  • Scheduled flight Economy Class from / to Frankfurt to ... (transfer connection possible), taxes, security fees, airport transfers
  • All overnight stays in good to very good hotels
  • Daily breakfast
  • Tour guide from / to Frankfurt during the motorcycle tour by a trained Road Captain
  • German company
  • Travel Guide North Cape + Hardcover Book Tour / Sightseeing (specially created for each tour)

Preliminary Planning

About 1 week before upon consultation

Possibility 1:
Collection of your motorbikes at the location of your choice (we pick up your bikes for an additional charge at your home and take it to Crete with a truck suitable for motorcycle transports).

Possibility 2:
You take your motorcycle to Bad Hersfeld – loading of the bike in Bad Hersfeld.

Possibility 3:
Motorcycle rental (we rent a motorcycle for you for an additional charge).


2020: 07.19.2020 – 08.02.2020
2021: 07.18.2021 – 08.01.2021
2022: 07.18.2022 – 08.01.2022


2020: Double room: 4,680.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 2,195.00 EUR p. p
Single room: 5,080.00 EUR p. p.
2021: Double room: 4,780.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 2,295.00 EUR p. p
Single room: 5,180.00 EUR p. p.
2022: Double room: 4,880.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 2,395.00 EUR p. p
Single room: 5,280.00 EUR p. p.


Ready, steady, go!

Request now “Tour 15 - LET'S GO TO THE NORTH CAPE!” not binding and reserve free seats for your unforgettable travel experience!

1/2 double room can be booked on request, if another 1/2 double room is available. Please ask us!


Tour 15: Let's go to the North Cape! - Europe's northernmost point

stretch overview

15 Days – 2877 km




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Tour 15: Let's go to the North Cape! - Europe's northernmost point

stretch overview

15 Days – 2877 km


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