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Tour 6: Kanada – Go West!

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For entering Canada, the ETA registration is compulsory!



  • ETA stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”.
  • For people entering the country by air ETA is compulsory since 15 March 2016. You need a valid passport, an email address and a credit card to fulfil the new entry requirements and apply for ETA.
  • On the website www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta-start.asp you can request.
  • Information on your personal and passport data concerning entering … is necessary.
  • If you have problems with the English language you find German instructions on the website as well.
  • The costs for ETA are 7 Canadian dollars, which must be paid by credit card.
  • If the request is approved, ETA remains valid for 5 years. Normally you obtain a notice within a few minutes, whether the request has been approved or not. In exceptional cases, an examination may take up to 72 hours.
  • You must apply for an ETA approval online at least 72 hours before entering.
  • In the case of questions concerning the application we would like to assist you.



  • Please observe that your passport must be valid during the whole travel time and at least also including the day of your exit.
  • Entering with a provisional passport is not possible.
  • Entering with an identity card is not possible.
  • The passport must be machine-readable. The Bordeaux-red European passport, which has been issued in Germany since 2005, is such a passport.



  • Do not lock your suitcase with a padlock. The incoming luggage is often checked and may be opened by customs personnel. If the suitcase is checked, you will find a note in it.
  • Technical devices with empty batteries may not be taken on board the aircraft for safety reasons. Please care for sufficient remaining battery power of mobile phones or notebook computers.



  • The customs personnel examine your passport and your ETA.
  • On arrival in Canada, officers of the immigrations office ask you some questions.
  • Please be always friendly and respectful to the immigration officer, he or she finally decides whether you enter or not.



  • Liquids, creams or gel are permissible in the hand baggage with restrictions. They may not exceed 100 ml. These items must be transported in a transparent, resealable plastic bag of a maximum of 1 l. Only one bag is permissible for one person. This also applies to deodorants, tooth paste, perfume and mascara.

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