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Tour 2


Born to be wild


These round trip gives you an insight into the impressive west of the USA. You get to know the glamorous and energetic city of Las Vegas with its innumerable shows and casinos.

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Tag1Flight with well-known scheduled airline service from Frankfurt am Main or Hamburg (optional) to Las Vegas (connecting flight possible). Meeting in the terminal with your qualified road captain who accompanies you during the whole trip.

Overnight stay in the famous Golden Nugget Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. The hotel has become popular for its famous golden nugget. It has been the first hotel designed as casino. Inside the hotel is a pool area with a shark pool. On the water slide you can slide directly through the shark pool.

Tag1The Golden Nugget in downtown is situated at the Fremont Street, the most famous street in Las Vegas (after the Strip). In the evening, there is a lightshow with 12,5 million lights and 550,000 watts with a great sound. It is worth while visiting. Beginning from 6 p.m. the show takes place every hour up to midnight.



Day´s stage: 125 miles (202 km) – overnight stay in Laughlin

Tag 2The motorcycle rental picks us up at around 9 a.m. and we collect our bikes at the rental station. At 2:00 p.m. we have a date in a goldmine in Searchlight. The Techatticup Mine is the oldest and richest goldmine in southern Nevada. We take part in a guided tour taking 60 minutes. The tour costs amount to 12.50 USD per person. Afterwards we ride directly to Laughlin. Laughlin is just a set of casino hotels directly on the Colorado River.

Tag 2We have an intermediate stop here. It is always hotter in Laughlin than in Las Vegas. Every year on the third weekend in April the biggest Harley meeting in the western USA takes place here. Laughlin is probably the unique place, where you can go by water taxi from casino to casino on the Colorado River, which is a good thing, because many retirees or handicapped persons with oxygen tents gamble. You should not miss the cheap trip by water taxi.



Day´s stage: 190 miles (306 km) – overnight stay in Williams

Tag 3Our first destination of today is the former gold mining town Oatman in the Black Mountains in the US state of Arizona. It is at Route 66. Wild donkeys “Burros” run around freely in the city. They derive from packhorses, which their owners no longer needed and which were left to themselves.

We ride along one of the most beautiful parts of Mother Road (66) over the curvy Sitgreaves Pass to Kingman. There we stop at the Mother Road Harley dealer.

Tag 3Our next destinations are Hackberry´s General Store, the even most worth seeing Route 66 museum in Arizona and Angel Delgadillo´s Route 66 gift shop in Seligman. The old barber (born in 1927) is meanwhile considered the guardian angel or father of Route 66. As member and co-founder of the Route 66 Association he has become popular worldwide. You normally meet him in the shop…

Williams is a western city on historic Route 66 in Arizona. Williams is referred to as the gate to the Grand Canyon.



Day´s stage: 120 miles (194 km) – overnight stay in Williams

Tag 4Tag 4Today we have a trip to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon belongs to the biggest natural wonders on earth and around 5 million people visit the canyon every year.

We have enough time to enjoy Grand Canyon and if you want, you can take part in a helicopter flight (can be booked optionally).



Day´s stage: 112 miles (180 km) – overnight stay in Sedona

Tag 5We ride along Route 66 and stop in Bellemont/Arizona at the Harley dealer for the first time. There we can roast our own burgers. Bellemont is the highest settlement on Route 66 (7132 feet) and was a famous water stop due to its local springs in former times.

We ride on to Flagstaff, where we visit downtown. There are cool cafés, small shops and restaurants, which give the city a special charm.

Tag 5We ride on to Sedona and take US 89A, an American scenic road, crossing afterwards Oak Creek Canyon and the beautiful landscape of Coconino National Forest.

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The small town is a paradise consisting of red rocks. We make a short detour to the spectacular Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is situated in one of the famous rocks. Directly in the town Indian shops and lots of small restaurants wait for you.


Day´s stage: 335 miles (540 km) – overnight stay in Cortez

Tag 6Many miles are required today. We ride 540 km and start early in the morning. Let´s ride in a relaxed way and without haste!

Riding over Flagstaff and the Navajo Indian reservation we go back to Cameron again. Today we see many deserts, mountains and landscapes. We stop at Historic Cameron Trading Post Station (1916).

Tag 6We ride over Tuba City to Kayenta through Monument Valley, where you find the probably most famous photo motifs of the western part of the USA. Gigantic rocks, which are surrounded by empty, sandy desert. They can be seen in many commercials and films. Monument Valley is a holy place for the Navajo nation. We make a short detour to the Mexican Hat, a rock formation looking like a Mexican sombrero.

At Goosenecks State Park, we ride a small loop and look at impressive objects looking like goose necks, which were formed by San Juan River.



Day´s stage: 100 miles (160 km) – overnight stay in Cortez

Tag 7Trip to the Four Corners Monument at the Four Corners. It was established at the place where the four US states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet each other.

Tag 7It is the only border quadrangle in the USA, is situated on the Colorado Plateau and belongs to the Navajo nation.

Then we ride on to Mesa Verde National Park. The park includes around 4000 archeological sites, especially the well-preserved living places of pre-Columbian Anasazi tribes, which were explored only at the end of the 19th century.



Day´s stage: 190 miles (306 km) – overnight stay in Durango

Tag 8First, we ride on to Silverton, a small community in Colorado. It is situated in a valley of the San Juan Mountains around 90 km north from the New Mexican border. Silverton was founded, after silver had been discovered there during the 1870s. It has an altitude of 2,837 m and here you find the Harley dealer with the highest shop in the world.

Tag 8If the weather allows it, we ride from Cortez along the 100 Million Dollar Highway over passes of 3,300 m. This dream-road runs through Ouray, called “Little Switzerland”.

Durango is a nice little town with many restaurants and a beautiful center with many small shops. The city was founded by railroad company Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad in 1880.



Day´s stage: 168 miles (270 km) – overnight stay in Moab

Tag 9Today we ride over Monticello directly to Arches National Park. Monticello in Utah is the most southern access to the Canyonlands National Park.

Tag 9Arches National Park is situated on the Colorado River. It contains the biggest concentration of natural stone arches worldwide. Due to erosion and weathering they come and go. In the park area, there are more than 2,000 arches with an opening of at least 90 cm. The area was declared a national monument in 1929.



Day´s stage: 170 miles (275 km) – overnight stay in Torrey

Tag 10We ride through desert, nothing to see…..

We pass Canyonlands National Park and ride over Green River to Hanksville, an oasis in the desert, characterized by the flash flood. We visit Goblin Valley State Park in the middle.

Tag 10Desert again and nothing else to see… and then we reach Capitol Reef National Park, a part of which we cross on our way to Torrey.

Torrey is in the desert and our hotel compensates us with a fascinating panorama and a great restaurant with delicious food.



Day´s stage: 130 miles (210 km) – overnight stay in Bryce Canyon

Tag 11We ride along National Scenic Highway 12. On a length of around 200 km he is one of the most beautiful roads of the USA. It is lovingly called “Scenic Byway”.

At Boulder, you are especially impressed by the contrast between the rocks of Henry Mountains and those of Capitol Reefs. The highway winds its way along the Hogsback, a mountain ridge with steeply sloping cliffs on both sides of the road.

Tag 11On the way to Escalante the road runs through Escalante Canyons and we cross Escalante River. Something special hides behind every curve!

On our way to the Bryce Canyon we ride through the Red Canyon. Bruce Canyon National Park is situated on 2,400 to 2,700 meters and much higher than Grand Canyon. We are going to visit different overlooks. Bryce Canyon has not been formed by a river like Grand Canyon. Wind, water and ice eroded the border of the plateau and big amphitheaters with bizarre rock needles, the so-called Hoodoos, formed. They reach an altitude of up to 60 meters.



Day´s stage: 159 miles (256 km) – overnight stay in Mesquite

Tag 12First, we ride through Zion National Park and have a short break when we see a herd of buffalos on Highway 9.

The Zion National Park is at the border to Arizona and has got an altitude of between 1,128 and 2,660 m. The canyons have developed from 170 million years-old brown to orange-red sandstone.

Tag 12We ride along the brown colored road through the park to Springdale, which is simply amazing.

After leaving Springdale we stop at our friends, the lamas (small western estate). There we are served delicious food and the lamas are pleased with carrots!

Finally, we have another break at the Washington Harley dealer.



Day´s stage: 155 miles (250 km) – overnight stay in Las Vegas

Tag 13We ride through the Valley of Fire State Park, the biggest and oldest state park in Nevada. It borders on Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The Valley of Fire got its name from the red sandstone formations, which had developed from big wandering dunes 150 million years ago. In summer, day temperatures are up to 47 degrees!

Tag 13We make a short detour to Hoover Dam which is on the border between Nevada and Arizona. Colorado River is dammed here and becomes Lake Mead.

After giving our motorcycles back at the rental station, we finally return to our next hotel directly at the Strip in Las Vegas.



Tag 14Tag 14Day at leisure. You have the possibility to visit Las Vegas – shopping, shopping, shopping – and much more…

Optional booking: one of the fantastic shows in the evening!



Tag 15Tag 15You can optionally book a day trip with an air-conditioned bus to Death Valley. Experience fantastic landscapes and mountain ranges in Death Valley National Park. Many natural wonders can be visited, such as Badwater Bassin, the lowest point in the western hemisphere.


A shuttle takes us to the airport and we must say goodbye (connecting flight possible).



 – We reserve the right for modifications –


  • Welcome Drink
  • Secured Payment Certificate - complete insurance cover A travel insurance certificate states that a tour operator has secured the travel allowances entrusted to it with an insurance company or a credit institution.
  • Personal advice on all tour questions - before, during and after the tour
  • Scheduled flight Economy Class from / to Frankfurt to ... (transfer connection possible), taxes, security fees, airport transfers
  • All overnight stays in good to very good hotels
  • Partial breakfast
  • Welcome and closing dinner
  • Motorcycle rental including unlimited miles with all taxes and utilities
  • VIP-Zero Plus Comprehensive Insurance (complete protection in the event of damage, the renter pays $ 0 in case of damage)
  • Road Assistance (24 hours on 7 days)
  • DOT approved helmet for driver and front passenger
  • tour guide from / to Frankfurt during the motorcycle tour by a trained Road Captain
  • Escort vehicle for the luggage with second guide
  • Snacks and cool drinks while driving at cost
  • German company
  • Replacement machine in case of defect (within 24 hours)
  • Travel Guide + Hardcover Book Tour / Sightseeing (specially created for each tour)
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, transfer to Harley rental and back


2020: 05.31.2020 – 6.15.2020 08.30.2020 – 09.14.2020
2021: 06.03.2021 – 06.18.2021 09.01.2021 – 09.16.2021
2022: 06.02.2022 – 06.17.2022 09.01.2022 – 09.16.2022


2020: Double room: 5,895.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 3,895.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 6,545.00 EUR p. p.
2021: Double room: 5,995.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 3,995.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 6,645.00 EUR p. p.
2022: Double room: 6,095.00 EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 4,095.00 EUR p. p.
Single room: 6,745.00 EUR p. p.


Ready, steady, go!

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TOUR 2: Highlights of the west – Born to be wild


16 days – 3150 km




Experience a unique adventure with Tours of Legends









TOUR 2: Highlights of the west – Born to be wild


16 days – 3150 km


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