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Tour 8

Rocky Mountains

The mightiest mountain range in North America


Turquoise-blue lakes, snowy mountain tops, icy glaciers and endless forests – explore the fascination of this unique natural landscape with all its attractions

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Overnight stay: Denver

Flight with well-known scheduled airline service from Frankfurt am Main or Hamburg (optional) to Denver (connecting flight possible). Meeting in the terminal with your qualified road captain who accompanies you during the whole trip.



Day´s stage: 330 km – overnight stay in Scottsbluff

After breakfast, we load our luggage into the support vehicle and pick up our bikes at the rental station. After leaving Denver we ride through the prairie and pass endless grass fields. We cross Loveland, popular place of the Re-mailing Program on Valentine´s Day. Every year a hundred thousand Valentines with own verses are answered and re-mailed with the special post stamp. We ride through Cheyenne, the capital of the US state of Wyoming. Here is a Harley Davidson dealer. Our destination of today is Scottsbluff in Nebraska.



Day´s stage: 325 km – overnight stay in Custer

First, we make a detour to Scotts Bluff National Monument, a protected area. We ride through prairie and Nebraska National Forest for some time. Today we ride along Wildlife Loop Road through Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park. An optional extra is a buffalo safari jeep tour of about 1.5 hours. The Scenic Wildlife Loop is an 18-miles long road, on which we can gather impressions of nature and animals. If we are lucky, we see bisons, prairie dogs, pronghorn antelopes, meerkats, donkeys and more. There are many of them at the roadside. Windcave National Park is one of the oldest national parks with its prairies and the famous Wind Cave. Custer State Park with gentle hills, lots of wild animals and its natural beauty is a wildlife preserve in the Black Hills. We stay overnight in Custer/South Dakota.



Day´s stage: 350 km – overnight stay in Deadforest

This morning we ride to Crazy Horse Memorial first, a monumental sculpture under construction in honor of Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota Indian. Like Mount Rushmore National Memorial, it has been constructed into the mountain, however, it is many times bigger. When completed, the Crazy Horse sculpture, sitting on a horse, will point to the east with stretched out arm. We ride on through Black Hills National Forest to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a symbol of the USA. It shows the monumental portrait heads of the four most important and characteristic US Presidents of the USA: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. In the back of Lincoln´s head is a secret chamber, which cannot be accessed by tourists. Afterwards we ride to Badlands National Park, a kind of weathered landscape, referred to as Badlands. The rugged and wild beauty of this landscape attracts visitors from all over the world. On the way to our destination of today we cross Rapid City and have a break at Black Hills Harley dealer, before riding to Sturgis. Sturgis is famous for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which takes place every year. With half a million visitors, it is one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world. Our destination of today is Deadforest, one of the wildest gold rush cities. Bars attract visitors with gambling facilities and Wild West shooting takes place on the historic Main Street every afternoon in June and July.



Day´s stage: 340 km – overnight stay in Buffalo

Today we ride through Spearfish Canyon, a curvy picturesque road to Devil´s Tower, which we can see from far away standing out of the plane landscape. The symbol has become famous by the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” from 1977, where aliens looked for a landing place and got in touch with people on earth. The striking mountain is a holy mountain for many peoples of the American natives around. There are many legends about it. According to the most famous legend, 7 girls were surprised by bears. Full of fear they climbed a rock and begged the rock for mercy. Suddenly the rock started to rise into the sky. The rock took them up to the sky, where you can see them still lighting as seven stars (Plejades). Let´s ride on along Scenic Byway 14 through Keyhole State Park and on the shore of the Keyhole Reservoir to Buffalo, a nice historic western town. In any case you should visit Hotel Occidental. There you take part in a short time travel and experience the times of Buffalo Bill.



Day´s stage: 283 km – overnight stay in Cody

Today we ride over 47-miles long Cloud Peak Skyway, which runs through Bighorn National Forest in the south. We are going to have a wonderful view to the mountains. We ride along Powder River Pass (9,666 feet) and pass Meadowlark Lake through the little village Ten Sleep. Our destination is Cody, 80 km away from Yellowstone National Park. Cody is a small western town. The town was named after William Frederick Cody, called Buffalo Bill. It is worthwhile visiting the Buffalo Bill Museum. Another highlight is historic Hotel Irma, Buffalo Bill´s original hotel in the Rocky Mountains. From 1 June to 31 August, a rodeo takes place here every evening. You can optionally book it.



Day´s stage: about 250 km – overnight stay in Yellowstone National Park

We ride through Buffalo Bill State Park. The center of the park is the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, a water reservoir at Shoshone River. On the way, we see wonderful rock formations, glimmering in the most different colors. We arrive at Yellowstone National Park, which is one of the most fantastic natural wonders in the world. Nowhere else on earth you find so many hot springs, iridescent water pools and geysers. Founded in 1872 it is the oldest national park in the world. Wild animals, such as bisons, wolves, black bears and grizzly bears live in the park and you can often see them. The most famous geyser of the park is the “Old Faithful”. It spits out his water fountain almost regularly every 60 to 90 minutes.



Day´s stage: about 250 km – overnight stay in Yellowstone National Park

Grand Loop Road is THE road in Yellowstone National Park. We are going to follow it and on the way, we find all important attractions.



Day´s stage: 160 km – overnight stay in Jackson

We ride along John D. Jr. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway, a protected area of National Park Service. It consists of a strip of land, which connects Grand Teton Park with Yellowstone National Park. We stop at Jackson Lake Overlook and enjoy the panoramic view. We ride on along Teton Park Road, which offers magnificent views to the wonderful landscape, and arrive at Jenny Lake. Our destination of today is the city of Jackson in Jackson Hole Valley. We take a walk through the former cowboy village with its western flair, and find many restaurants and small shops.



Day´s stage: 450 km – overnight stay in Vernal

We start early in the morning and ride along US highway 191 to the south to Rock Springs. Rock Springs is situated at an altitude of 2,060 m and famous for the Rock Springs Massacre of 1885. 150 striking mineworkers murdered 28 Chinese people and burned down 75 of their houses. You find a Harley dealer here. We cross the border to Utah and visit Flaming Gorge Dam. We ride over Cart Creek Bridge and if we have enough time we make a short trip to Red Canyon Visitor Center. The view to the canyon is a highlight. In the early afternoon, we arrive at Vernal. The city is famous for its Dinosaur Monument. The monument includes a big area with deep canyons and strangely shaped cliffs. However, it has become famous for the discovery of thousands of dinosaur bones including some almost entirely preserved skeletons in 1909. The archaeological site is considered one of the richest dinosaur excavation sites on earth. In 1915 the area was declared a National Monument. About 20 km away from Vernal is the visitor center, which you can reach by free shuttle bus from the parking. The visitor center has been constructed directly over a rock plate, in which thousands of dinosaur bones are enclosed.



Day´s stage: 260 km – overnight stay in Steamboat Springs

We ride along Brontosaurus Boulevard through the Dinosaur village in Colorado. In the village, we see dinosaurs at the roadside! We pass the Canyon Visitor Center at Harpers Corner Road and stop. Afterwards we ride through different small villages and pass Sombrero Ranch on our way to Steamboat Springs. The city is at the foot of Park Range, a rocky landscape of the Rocky Mountains. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the USA and many hot springs are located around the place.



Day´s stage: 223 km – overnight stay in Estes Park

Today we ride along Trail Ridge Road, a 77-km long road section of US Highway 34. It is the highest continuous highway of the USA. The highest point of the highway is at an altitude of 3,713 m. On the way, there are numerous great and spectacular overlooks. The temperature difference compared to the valley is considerable. The first pass is Rabbit Ears Pass with 2,873 m. Then we see the Muddy Pass Lake and ride over the Muddy Pass with 2,674 m. After leaving behind the village Kremmling, we arrive at Hot Sulphur Springs Area. We follow Colorado River for some time, which originates in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We ride on to other lakes, such as Grand Lake, a natural lake which has become popular as gate to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The village Grand Lake is a famous health resort. Milner Pass with 3,279 m and Iceberg Pass with 3,605 m are on our way. Shortly after the Alpine Visitor Center we arrive at the highest point at an altitude of 3,713 m. We stay overnight in Estes Park at the Thompson River. In the old city, many houses are from Wild West time and have been restored carefully. On the edge of the city is Stanley Hotel from the year 1906. After an overnight stay in this hotel Stephen King was as inspired by it that he included the place in his novel “Shining”.



Day´s stage: 230 km – overnight stay in Denver

We ride back to Denver. First, we ride along the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. The first stop is at Saint Malo´s Chapel on the Rock, a touristic milestone in Allens Park. We ride through Lyons, Boulder and Golden, passing one of the biggest breweries in the world (Coors), to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. At the arrival, we are impressed by gigantic rock formations. We ride on to Denver to the Harley dealer for a last T-shirt or souvenir and finally return our bikes. By shuttle we go back to the hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure.



Overnight stay in Denver

Day at leisure. Denver is the capital of Colorado and has many buildings related to the government. The proper government building is in the city center and one of the most impressive symbols of the city. Denver is about one mile about sea level and it is therefore called Mile High City.



A shuttle takes us to the airport and we must say goodbye (connecting flight possible).




 – We reserve the right for modifications –


  • Welcome Drink
  • Secured Payment Certificate - complete insurance cover A travel insurance certificate states that a tour operator has secured the travel allowances entrusted to it with an insurance company or a credit institution.
  • Personal advice on all tour questions - before, during and after the tour
  • Scheduled flight Economy Class from / to Frankfurt to ... (transfer connection possible), taxes, security fees, airport transfers
  • All overnight stays in good to very good hotels
  • Partial breakfast
  • Welcome and closing dinner
  • Motorcycle rental including unlimited miles with all taxes and utilities
  • VIP-Zero Plus Comprehensive Insurance (complete protection in the event of damage, the renter pays $ 0 in case of damage)
  • Road Assistance (24 hours on 7 days)
  • DOT approved helmet for driver and front passenger
  • tour guide from / to Frankfurt during the motorcycle tour by a trained Road Captain
  • Escort vehicle for the luggage with second guide
  • Snacks and cool drinks while driving at cost
  • German company
  • Replacement machine in case of defect (within 24 hours)
  • Travel Guide + Hardcover Book Tour / Sightseeing (specially created for each tour)
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, transfer to Harley rental and back


2020: 07.14.2020 – 07.29.2020
2021: 07.15.2021 – 07.30.2021
2022: 07.16.2022 – 07.31.2022


2020: Double room: 6.650,– EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 4.020,– EUR p. p.
Single room: 7.750,– EUR p. p.
2021: Double room: 6.750,– EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 4.120,– EUR p. p.
Single room: 7.850,– EUR p. p.
2022: Double room: 6.850,– EUR p. p.
Double room back-seat driver: 4.220,– EUR p. p.
Single room: 7.950,– EUR p. p.


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TOUR 8: Rocky Mountains – The mightiest mountain range in North America


16 days – 3500 km




Experience a unique adventure with Tours of Legends









TOUR 8: Rocky Mountains – The mightiest mountain range in North America


16 days – 3500 km


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